Two Moms and Woman Set to Celebrate Her 10th Wedding Anniversary Identified As Walmart Crash Victims

Playing Pickup Truck Kills Three People After Crashing Into Grocery Section of Walmart

Police have identified the three people who were killed when a pickup truck barreled through a Walmart in Iowa on Thursday.

Employees Carrie Zugg, 31, Lindsey Rietveld, 29, were both killed, along with shopper Ruth Jean DeJong, 76.

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The truck, driven by 66-year-old Dennis Mockenhaupt, slammed into the store at a high-speed before coming to a stop in its produce section. He was taken to the hospital afterwards, according to reports.

DeJong’s husband was also reportedly injured in the store crash.

DeJong was a mother of five. 

Rietveld was approaching her 10th wedding anniversary, according to the family's YouCaring page.

"She was such a kind, loving pertain and would do what she could for anybody. Please also pray for her husband Bob, her family, and friends," one friend wrote. 

Zugg leaves behind a 1-year-old baby boy who friends said she adored.

"I am feeling so sad for Carrie Zugg's little boy. He was her whole world," a friend wrote on Facebook. 

"I'm personally shaken to hear about the loss of friends,' Wal-Mart cashier Don French told the Des Moines Register. 'We're a small town. We'll come together and get through this. That's what we do. We are a family here, these coworkers are still my people."

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Police said they believe the crash was a tragic accident.

“At this time, we don't have any reason to believe it was intentional,” said Patrol Sgt. Nathan Ludwig.

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