Killer Son Who Took Selfie With Mom's Severed Head Gets 25 Years to Life

A New York man who was convicted of killing his own mother and cutting off her head before posing for a selfie with it has been slapped with a lengthy sentence.

Bahsid McLean, 26, was found guilty last month of second-degree murder and unlawful dissection of a human being in the gruesome 2013 slaying of Tanya Byrd.

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Bronx Criminal Court Judge Jeanette Rodriguez-Morick sentenced McLean to 25 years to life behind bars.

"The defendant fatally stabbed his mother and then chillingly took photos with her mutilated corpse. A jury found him guilty of murder for these horrific acts and now he will serve the maximum sentence in prison," Bronx District Attorney Darcel D. Clark said in a statement Monday.

According to trial testimony, McLean stabbed his mother to death in her apartment on February 25, 2013.

He proceeded to dissect Byrd’s body and took a "selfie" photo with her severed head. He then went to a hardware store to buy a two-foot power saw, which he used to chop up his mother’s body, according to authorities.

He discarded her remains in garbage bags inside suitcases, which he dumped in his neighborhood after telling a friend he wanted to take the trash out.

Officials said McLean was furious with his mother after she told him he wasn't a good father.

McLean’s attorney, Lynn Calvacca, reportedly argued that her client was mentally ill.

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“Does this look like someone who knows what he is doing is wrong?” Calvacca asked the court as she held up a photo of a smiling McLean posing with his mother’s severed head.

But prosecutors argued that the murder was cold-blooded and that McLean knew exactly what he was doing.

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