Deputies Rescue Horse Nearly Submerged in Pond After Only Its Head Was Left Sticking Out

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Florida officials don't horse around — especially when a 20-year-old mare needs help.

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The quarter horse had fallen into a Polk County pond Saturday afternoon, and because the woods surrounding the body of water was decomposed and soggy, she was unable to get herself out.

"When deputies arrived they found the 20-year-old horse stuck in approximately six feet of water," the Polk County Sheriff's Office said in a statement. "Only the head and a small portion of the horse’s back were visible; the rest of the horse’s body was submerged."

Deputies in the area are largely trained in animal rescue, but called in local teams for help, including firefighters, veterinarians, agriculture response, and emergency rescue, to pull the horse out of the muddy water.

After a two-and-a-half hour effort involving an A-frame rescue system and tireless work using the rope-and-pulley system, officials were able to pull the animal out of the thick water.

"The horse was dried with towels and with assistance, was able to stand," deputies said.

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She was then covered in a blanket and transported to a barn overnight, after she was evaluated by a veterinarian and deemed to be in stable condition. 

It is unclear who the horse's owner is.

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