Poor Judgment: 'Fast Times' Actor Judge Reinhold Arrested in Dust-Up With TSA Agents

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Beverly Hills Cop actor Judge Reinhold has been charged with disorderly conduct after exhibiting some bizarre behavior at a Texas airport Thursday night.

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The actor was taken into custody at Love Field Airport in Dallas after ripping off his shirt and screaming obscenities during a TSA screening.

TSA agents called Dallas Police. The department said in a statement that he was arrested "after he refused to comply" with their requests. 

As he was being escorted from a holding area at the airport in cuffs, the Fast Times at Ridgemont High star sarcastically greeted reporters.

“Thanks for the exposure, guys. Appreciate it. Glad you're here,” the 59-year-old said as he was led away by officers.

Reinhold has blamed his behavior on a bad reaction to multiple medications he took the day before.

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He later issued an apology to Dallas police.

"I didn't comply with the pat down or their suggestions," Reinhold said in a statement. "This led to my arrest. I knew better. I just didn't do the right thing. I feel especially embarrassed about self-righteous indignation when I've enjoyed 30 years of support and camaraderie with law enforcement."

He went on: "I want to apologize to the Dallas police for wasting their time today. I want to acknowledge TSA's experienced agents as well as the recent influx of trainees that seem unprepared to detain people."

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