Kitten Found Shrink-Wrapped to UPS Package for 4 Days Will Now Settle in His Fur-Ever Home

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A kitten once found plastic wrapped to the top of a package will now get the chance to settle into his fur-ever home, thanks to rescuers who found him just in the nick of time.

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"As soon as I saw the cat, I knew this cat was meant for me and my son," said Kirk Williams, who decided to adopt the poor kitten after seeing his story on the news.

The poor feline was found after a UPS truck driver heard a meowing coming from the back of his truck, the veterinarian in charge of his care told

"He crawled around with a flash light and saw the cat [shrink-wrapped]," said Dr. Carolyn McCutcheon of Park Animal Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. "The truck was loaded in Chicago four days before. [The cat] was on that truck for at least four days."

Veterinarians estimate he is only 5 to 7 weeks old, and had been without food or water for nearly a week before he was found, WREG reported.

But after nursing him back to health and a thorough search for his new adoptive parents, McCutcheon said they are now preparing to send the little kitten home to Williams, who believes the feline will be the purr-fect companion to his disabled son.

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"I might call him 'Shrink,'" Williams told

In a statement provided to, UPS said they have no further information about the cat's ordeal.

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