What The?! Animals That Appeared Places You Would Never Expect

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Did you hear the one about the gator that found its way behind the wheel of a car, or the snake that got loose on a flight? They may sound like jokes, but these stories of animals in unusual places in 2016 are all true.

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Alligators often found themselves acting like people this year. In Florida, a woman had an unannounced visitor to her home when a nine-foot-long gator knocked on her door late one night in May. In Texas, a woman came to her driveway to find a massive seven-foot gator behind the wheel of her car.

While deer, raccoons, and rabbits are a pretty common sight in suburban areas, imagine finding an aquatic animal in your front yard. That's exactly what happened to a Florida homeowner who saw a manatee on her lawn after the city of St. Petersburg, where she lives, flooded in June.

In August, another Florida woman heard a kitten trapped inside the dashboard of her car. After nearly 20 hours trapped in the vehicle, she was able to get a hold of some mechanics who presented her with a difficult choice: Save the cat or keep the car intact. She chose the cat, and the car was dismantled, piece by piece to free the feline.

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For people aboard this aircraft, the Samuel L. Jackson film Snakes On a Plane wasn’t in-flight entertainment but reality. Passengers on the plane en route to Mexico had an undesirable stowaway as a three-foot-long snake got loose in an overhead compartment and dropped into the cabin of the craft.

For more strange animal encounters, watch our video above.

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