Bridal Party Stops at Hospital After Wedding to Visit Grandma Who Missed Ceremony

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This Michigan bride couldn't imagine her big day without her grandmother, who was hospitalized just the day before — so they brought the wedding party to her.

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Estela Sobah, 89, of St. Clair Shores, was sure she would miss her granddaughter's Saturday wedding after she suffered a stroke and caught pneumonia the day before.

But just because Sobah couldn't leave the hospital didn't mean she had to miss all of the celebrations.

After the ceremony, the entire bridal party made a pit stop at the hospital to give Grandma Sobah the surprise of her life.

"We had to make sure you could still be part of it," bride Julia Hillifield, 24, could be heard saying in a video posted to Facebook.

Sobah later told, "My little sweetheart... looked better than any princess I have ever seen."

Amber Steeling, the sister of the bride, told that when her family realized their grandmother wouldn't be able to attend the wedding, "we tried everything."

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They eventually settled for second best, and instead of bringing their beloved grandmother to the church, Seeling skyped the processions to her husband, who stayed by Sobah's side at the hospital.

"Grandma had the best seat," Seeling joked.

Seeling said she is now well on the way to recovery, and was released from the hospital Monday.

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