Let The Holiday Feasting Begin! Watch as Zoo Animals Feast on Festive Snacks

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Bring on the holiday feasting!

Animals at the Perth Zoo in Western Australia were treated to some festive treats to kick off the holiday season.

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Tortoises were given wreaths made of watermelon, kangaroos feasted on pine cones, and squirrel monkeys unwrapped gifts filled with peanuts.

According to the zoo, the holiday treats are part of the facility's enrichment program.

"We do it to engage the curiosity of the animals, stimulate them mentally, and get them to exhibit natural behaviors," senior zookeeper Steve Catwell told APTN.

But, the animals seem to be more in it for the festivities. Snakes, numbats and quokkas were photographed on the zoo's Facebook page counting down the days leading up to Christmas.

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A Sumatran orangutang living at the zoo even swung from his vines in a jolly red cape, perhaps getting ready to play the part of Old Saint Nick.

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