Couple Rushes to Defense of Cat That Attacked Man as He Opened Christmas Gift: 'He Is Not a Jerk'

Playing Man Defends Cat That Attacked Him While Opening Christmas Presents

One Georgia man’s Christmas cheer quickly turned to Christmas fear after he was attacked by his cat Sunday morning.

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Andrew Woodard beamed with excitement as he proudly displayed his Playstation 4 console. But the holiday excitement did not last long as his cat, Magneto, suddenly attacked him.

Woodward was brought to a hospital and needed stitches after the cat clawed his head.

“One moment I’m sitting up opening up a Christmas present, being overly excited, and the next minute I’m lying on the floor hurting,” he told Inside Edition.

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After the video was posted online, Magneto skyrocketed to fame as a villain, but Andrew and his wife Kimberly are defending their cat.

“He is not a jerk, he is so nice. What happened was completely out of character for him,” he said.

Magneto is in the care of a temporary cat sitter as the couple is currently on vacation. 

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