3 Teens Rescued From Capsized Boat Miles from Shore: 'They Were Lucky They Had a Cell Signal'

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Three teens stranded on a capsized boat off the southern coast of Florida have been rescued after one of them was able to call 911 and alert the local sheriff to their location.

In a photo captured by the Monroe County Sheriff's Office of the teens sitting on top of the overturned 22-foot boat as it sinks, 18-year-olds Zachary Sowder and Brent Shishido, along with Jacob Sowder, 16, all appear shockingly calm.

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Marine Deputy James Hagar spotted the teens in waters about two and a half miles off the coast and brought them safely ashore in his patrol boat after the teens were able to tell authorities where they were.

“Fortunately they knew their rough location. They were lucky they had a cell signal,” sheriff’s officials wrote on their Facebook page.

The boys were anchored in 30-foot waters when their boat started taking on water, according to authorities, and by the time their line was cut, the boat capsized.

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The boys managed to sit on top of the overturned vessel until officers arrived.

Zack Sowder later took to social media to joke about the ordeal.

“Make sure your bilge works before you run 5 miles offshore and realize its to (sic) late... other than that great day on the water,” he wrote on Twitter.

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