Keeping Up Ape-Pearances: 2-Week-Old Critically Endangered Orangutan Makes Public Debut

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She's ready for her close-up!

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An unnamed baby orangutan, born two weeks ago at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, made her public debut Tuesday.

The tiny infant can be seen in footage by APTN clinging onto her Bornean orangutan mother, 35-year-old Sophia, who swings on vines and chomps on lettuce while clutching her sleeping baby.

"An infant orangutan's reliance on its mother is longer than any other mammal," the zoo said in a statement.

The 2-week-old will continue to spend most mornings bonding with her mother, and is expected to remain close until her teenage years.

According to the Brookfield Zoo, the birth of the critically endangered Bornean orangutan infant is a significant addition to the zoo's population.

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"Hopefully it will also help raise awareness about the threats facing orangutans in the wild," zoo manager Bill Zeigler said.

The zoo said some of the biggest threats to orangutans in the wild include deforestation, illegal pet trade, and poaching.

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