Small Wonder: Check Out This Tiny Little Blue Penguin, Who Hatched While On Display

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Check out this tiny little blue penguin that just made her public debut at a New Jersey aquarium.

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The Adventure Aquarium in Camden announced Monday that their first little blue penguin, the smallest breed of the flightless birds, was hatched into their colony about a month ago.

The tiny addition to their colony, which has not yet been named, was even on display for the public during the hatching, officials confirmed.

Despite being tiny, the chick has already grown from 1.23 ounces at birth, to 2 pounds, 3 ounces — the size of some adults of the species — in a month.

"We were also fortunate to have very attentive parents for this little blue," Michele Pagel, the facility's curator of birds and mammals, said on the aquarium's blog.

She explained that while the penguin fed from her parents immediately, "young penguins need to learn how to eat from human hand, associate fish with the feed bucket, and learn to be social with the keepers."

The chick has since been brought behind-the-scenes to bond with new caretakers, and develop her waterproof plumate before she will join her colony on display.

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Officials were able to determine the chick is female using a DNA test, and will follow up with results from a DNA test when she gets older.

The aquarium is also hosting a naming contest for the chick, which will be held later this month.

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