Trump's Press Secretary Slams 'SNL' Over Alec Baldwin Skit: 'It Was Mean-Spirited'

Playing Donald Trump's Press Secretary Slams SNL For 'Disappointing, Mean-Spirited' Skit

The war between President-elect Donald Trump and Saturday Night Live just went up another notch over the weekend after the show aired another skit starring Alec Baldwin, who mocked Trump. 

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On the Today show Monday, incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer blasted SNL's edgy skit that had Baldwin mocking a contentious press conference Trump held last week.

“It was not funny; it was mean-spirited,” said Spicer. “It’s gone from being a show you could sit back and get a good laugh out of to being something that’s frankly mean and bad television.”

He added that the show is “disappointing.”

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Following the airing of the skit, Trump took to Twitter Sunday morning and blasted show.

Baldwin has not reponded to Trump's comments, nor has NBC or Saturday Night Live. 

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