Harambe's Grandma Euthanized After Zoo Declares She Had 'No Chance for Positive Outcomes'

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Harambe's grandmother Josephine, a gorilla at Zoo Miami, has been euthanized.

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The 49-year-old gorilla was barely able to move Wednesday morning, "even to reach for her favorite treat, according to a statement from Zoo Miami.

"They made the very difficult decision to humanely euthanize her," the statement continued. "That procedure was successfully performed this afternoon."

The zoo also reported Josephine was suffering from "several health issues." She was given a series of exams in the last several days that showed she was "terminal" with "no chance for positive outcomes or hope for recovery."

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Her euthanization comes 8 months after staff at the Cincinnati Zoo came under fire for shooting male silverback Harambe after he dragged a toddler who had fallen in his enclosure.

Josephine was Harambe's paternal grandmother, according to reports.

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