101-Year-Old Celebrates Her Birthday, Her Secret To Long Life is Chocolate

Eunice Modlin, who turned 101 years old last week, has the secret to living longer – chocolate.

The Indiana great-grandmother has been eating two pieces of dark chocolate, usually Hershey’s, every day since she was in her 30’s, according her granddaughter, Tammy Modlin Gentry.

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“Dark chocolate is supposed to be good for you,” said Gentry.

Modlin also never drank or smoked a day in her life and in her younger years, she never ate anything that she didn't grow or kill herself , Gentry explained.

Modlin has had 4 children, 9 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren in her 101 years.

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Although her husband passed away in 1991 and she broke her hip two years ago and had to go to a nursing home for a while, Gentry says her grandmother is doing fine.

“At 99 you’d think she’d never leave the nursing home but she left 4 months later,” said Gentry. “Mentally she’s all there.”

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