Simone Biles Plays Football With True American Heroes, The Wounded Warriors

Playing Simone Biles Talks To Wounded Warriors At Special Game Just Before Super Bowl

Simone Biles has been working on her football skills and is getting a big boost from some American heroes.

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Inside Edition's special Super Bowl correspondent caught up with the Wounded Warriors this week as they took on a team of former NFL and college players in a very special game ahead of Super Bowl Sunday.

One of the participants, Kirstie Ennis, lost a leg when her helicopter was shot down over Afghanistan in 2012.

"We’ve been through a lot and are finding that brotherhood again," she told Inside Edition.

Michael Smith, the first amputee to return to active service, added: "We've all protected and served. We've been knocked down but it’s not over."

Ennis and Smith took on a gridiron alumni team consisting of former quarterback Michael Vick and other players from the Houston Oilers, Dallas Cowboys, Texas A&M, UNLV and the University of Houston.

Biles also got a chance to meet fellow Olympic gold medalist Mary Lou Retton at the Wounded Warriors event.

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"Being out here, the atmosphere is electric," Retton said. "People in the sports world they call you a hero. These guys are the heroes!"

Biles called her day with the Wounded Warriors "a humbling experience."

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