Baby Hippo Born Premature Takes Wobbly First Steps, Caretakers Say Her Health Is Improving

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It's been a rough couple weeks for Fiona the hippo, who was born more than six weeks premature, but she is finally taking her first steps.

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An overnight animal care crew from the Cincinnati Zoo captured footage of Fiona, a baby Nile hippo, wobbling around an indoor area Saturday night.

She also took most of her formula on her own, the zoo reported in a press statement.

"Encouraging news from hippo headquarters," the zoo said.

The positive update follows a more bleak Facebook post from the zoo Saturday, which shows Fiona resting on a caretaker's chest, to help the baby hippo get more oxygen to her lungs.

Baby Fiona weighed only 29 pounds when she was born two weeks ago, which is 25 pounds lighter than the lowest recorded birth weight for the species, the zoo reported.

The newborn hippo wasn’t expected until March and wasn’t strong enough to stand and nurse from her Nile hippo mom, 17-year-old Bibi.

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In addition to round-the-clock care from animal staff, Fiona has received endless support from the community, including a local NICU team from the Cincinnati Children's Hospital, who sent over a gift basket for the preemie hippo last week.

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