Matt Damon Reveals the Moment George Clooney Told Him Amal Was Pregnant: 'Don't Say Anything'


One of George Clooney's friends is dishing about when he was told by the movie megastar that he and his wife were expecting, a moment when the Michael Clayton star probably should have kept his mouth shut.

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Matt Damon, Clooney’s good buddy and Ocean’s 11 co-star, revealed on the Today show Friday that the former Batman confided in him months ago that the couple was expecting.

"I was so happy for him. I said, ''How far along is she?' He said, 'Eight weeks.' I'm like, 'don't say anything' — he didn't know the 12-week rule. You're supposed to wait," Damon said.

Julie Chen broke the Clooney baby news on Thursday’s The Talk.

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