On the Wings of Love: Tiny Blue Budgie Lays Gentle Kisses on Dog Best Friend

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Dog might be man’s best friend, but it’s obvious this little bird stole the heart of Lucy, a 2-year-old cavoodle.

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Lucy and Charlie, a 3-year-old budgie, share a unique friendship.

"They have become inseparable; it's very cute to watch them together,” their owner Alecia Owens, 23, of Australia told Caters News. “[Lucy] never shows any sign of wanting to hurt him. She is just so gentle around him.”

Owens said that when she brought Lucy home in 2014, she knew she had to introduce the pair, to avoid her pup thinking her bird was a toy.

For the first year or so, she kept Lucy on her harness when Charlie stretched her wings around the home.

“Charlie was always very interested in her from the beginning,” Owens said. “He started to get really confident by flying down, sitting with her and preening her fur.”

Eventually, the pair started naturally gravitating to each other.

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Owens said she often returns home to see the pair cuddling, or the blue bird showering the pup with kisses.

“I would never have predicted that they were going to be perfect little best friends,” Owens said.

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