Deputy Helps Nurse Deliver Baby in Hospital Parking Lot: 'It Was Just So Fast'

It was a matter of being at the right place at the right time when this Florida deputy assisted a nurse who was delivering a baby in a hospital parking lot.

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When a father-to-be dashed into the lobby of Halifax Health Hospital in Daytona Beach, exclaiming that the baby was coming, a nurse and Sheriff Mike Chitwood of the Volusia County Sheriff’s Department were the only ones who happened to be available to help.

Chitwood, who was off duty and at the hospital visiting a friend, didn’t hesitate but dash out into the parking lot.

"When we got out there, you could clearly see the baby was crowning,'" Chitwood said, according to WKMG.

As Chitwood gave instructions and helped the mom-to-be get comfortable and calm their 2-year-old tot, nurse Ann Hilliard Ussery helped the woman deliver her baby.

“It was just so fast, and her husband was on his knees in the front seat watching,” Ussery said.

Moments later, the parents gave birth to a baby girl, Heidi.

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“It was awesome,” the nurse said. “It made my day. He ran to me, and I ran to him, and we hugged.”

Chitwood even joked, “It was the safest birth in Volusia County today. Not many can say that the sheriff was standing by to protect the birth."

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