Here Come the Love Birds! Elementary School Students Throw Wedding For 2 Ducks

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An elementary school has thrown a wedding for two special love birds: a pair of ducks named Plumpty and Pierre.

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The ducks, which were born and raised at the Weston Elementary School in New Hampshire, waddled down the aisle in an elaborate wedding ceremony, all planned by the kids.

“The ducks love each other and that was enough to hatch the plan,” joked kindergarten teacher Marguerite Hopey, whose class hatched the ducks last spring.

Plumpty, a female, and Pierre, a male, have since been under the care of Deb Ritchotte, a grandmother of a student in Hopey’s class. Ritchotte brings the ducks to visit every month or so, Hopey told

During one of her visits, Ritchotte casually mentioned to the students the ducks are in love and they immediately suggested they should plan a wedding.

According to Hopey, the planning took months but became a good educational lesson for her students.

“The kids did all the work, from brainstorming everything they knew about weddings to writing the invitations for their families,” the teacher explained.  

She explained her students used their creative skills to make decorations, their writing skills for the vows and invitations, their math skills to figure out how many benches they needed for guests and their teamwork to divide the tasks.

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When the big day arrived, the students’ parents were invited to witness the ceremony. Principal Liz Macdonald officiated the ceremony.

“The kids worked hard and had a wonderful day,” Hopey said.

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