Supportive Tomcat Helps Mate Through Labor, Snuggles Up With Litter of Kittens After Birth

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A key role of an expectant father is lending emotional support to his mate, which is exactly what this tomcat provided as the female delivered their kittens.

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Yello, a male cat from Hanoi, Vietnam, could be seen in a series of photos posted to Facebook cuddling up to soon-to-be mother cat, Tam The, as she was giving birth and in the moments after.

The cats’ owner, Thuy Dong Panda, wrote that she had come home earlier this month to see Tam The in labor, and giving birth to her kittens.

“Good thing the cat daddy is pretty interested in his wife,” she wrote, as translated to English. She explained Yello is not always friendly with everyone he meets.

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Thuy Dong Panda later reported that each of the four kittens in the litter is healthy, and the cat family continues to spend their days snuggled up together.

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