Watch Fearless Beachgoer Untangle Shark From Fishing Line

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While many would run the minute they saw a shark at the beach, these two fishermen did the exact opposite.

Colin Baker said he and his friend Adam noticed a distressed blacktip shark at Jensen Beach in Florida so ran over to see how they could help.

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"We saw people get up and point into the water, so we ran down to see what it was," Baker told "As we got closer we realized that it was a shark in distress."

A video taken by Baker and shared by shows Adam carrying the small shark out of the water. He acted quickly to untangle the shark from a line wrapped around its body and removed a fishing hook stuck in its mouth.

Apart from the line, the shark appeared to be in good condition, Baker said. After freeing it, Adam dragged the shark back into the water.

"Once the line was removed and the shark was back into the water, it swam off seemingly OK," he said.

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And while the task might seem daunting for the average beachgoer, these two didn't even break a sweat.

"Luckily we have caught a few sharks from the beach in the past," Baker said. "We knew how to approach the situation to not pose harm to ourselves."

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