Terrifying Video Shows Sea Lion Dragging Young Girl Into Water

As a little girl sat by the edge of a dock in Steveston, Canada, Saturday, a sea lion suddenly snatched her and dragged her into the water.

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A bystander captured the terrifying moment on camera.

The footage shows how, just moments before the attack, people were admiring the seven-foot-long sea lion as it swam near the dock packed with tourists.

The little girl was very close to the edge as the sea lion lunged playfully at her. Moments later, it returned, grabbed her and pulled her into the murky water.

Her quick-thinking grandfather jumped into the water and got her out, bringing her back to safety.

The terrifying incident happened without warning and was caught on camera by Michael Fujiwara.

“When I saw the grandfather jump in to save the girl, I immediately thought, ‘Okay, now I have to help them.’ I pulled the girl in first,” he said. “Then, I pulled the man up with all of the other bystanders.”

Neither the young girl nor her grandfather was injured in the incident.

The terrified girl was led away by people on the dock, clearly dazed by her brush with death.

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In light of the incident, Robert Kiesman, chair of the Steveston Harbour Authority, warned other families not to get too close to the wildlife.

“You see half a head with cute eyes and black whiskers and you think it is a cute pet, but it is not,” he told Inside Edition. “This isn’t Sea World. These are wild animals and we should not be feeding them.”

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