These Newborn Piglets Are Small Enough to Fit in Your Pocket

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These newborn pocket-sized piglets are spending the sunny afternoon trotting outdoors under the watchful eye of their mom.

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The unnamed Red River hog duo was born earlier this month to first-time mom Mali at the Chester Zoo in England.

They are known for both being the smallest species of African pigs, but are also the most colorful. At birth, Red River hogs have distinct spots and stripes on their coats that will fade as they get older.

“We’re ever so pleased with our delightful duo and mum Mali is so far doing a fantastic job of caring for them,” said team manager Sarah Roffe. “They’re only pocket-sized piglets at the moment but they’re already full of personality and have bundles of energy.”

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The species is native to western and central Africa where they often reside in swamps and forests, according to a statement from the zoo.

Despite once being populous, Red River hogs are seeing a decline in population due to hunting for their meat.

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