NYPD Cop Leaves Kids Stunned With Insane Basketball Shot

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An NYPD officer left a group of Bronx youngsters playing basketball stunned when he showed his own athletic talents — making an incredible shot from outside the court.

Officer James and his partner were patrolling the 50th Precinct when they saw a bunch of kids enjoying the nice weather, and the pair quickly got in on the fun.

“You miss, you going to give me a dollar,” a kid can be heard telling James as he grabs a ball. “You miss, you give me a dollar!”

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“No bet! No bet,” James replies, readying to take his shot.

The five-year veteran quickly aims and shoots, sending the ball flying into the air from outside the court. And it’s good.

“Oh!” everyone yells in unison, shocked as the ball seamlessly enters the net.

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But James’ takeaway from the experience had more to do with the kids than his skills.

“I enjoy interacting with the people in the community,” James said in a statement released by the NYPD. “It's not a cliché — I really want to make a difference and inspire people."

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