Kangaroo Is Rescued by Kayakers After Hopping Into a Canal and Getting Stuck

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This kangaroo probably wishes it had looked before it hopped.

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A rescue team in Australia was called earlier this week to lend a hand to a kangaroo that jumped into a canal, and had a hard time getting out.

“The water levels were rising as the tide came in, and it was only a matter of time before the barnacles on the rocks would cause serious injury to the kangaroo’s feet,” Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors wrote in a Facebook post.

Officials could be seen in a video kayaking toward the kangaroo, but the marsupial bounces and splashes away until finally, it appears to trust the rescuer enough to rest its hands on the side of the kayak.

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The crew then sedated the animal before helping it back up to dry land, and washed his feet with disinfectant to treat for any cuts.

“It wasn’t long before he found his feet and bounded into the nearby trees,” rescuers wrote.

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