Cat Celebrates Turning 15 With Quinceanera, Complete With Traditional Dress and Tiara

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Celebrating a daughter’s quinceanera is a rite of passage for many Latino families. 

That’s why the Olavarria family of North Carolina decided to throw the customary celebration for their beloved rescue cat, Luna, as she turned 15 years old.

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“We adore Luna, almost too much,” her owner, Brigitte Olavarria of Charlotte said in a statement provided to “We wanted to celebrate her long life properly. She is definitely a princess at heart, so we knew your standard birthday celebration wouldn’t suffice.”

Brigitte said she was joking with her friends that they should throw Luna a quinceanera when her mom decided to run with the idea.

“My mom loves throwing parties, and loves our pets even more,” she said.

From sending out invitations a week in advance, to ordering a tres leches cake from the family’s favorite bakery, and even decorating, Brigitte said her mom had all the bases covered.

They even bought a traditional quinceanera dress for Luna, and topped off the outfit with a crown.

“I totally thought my mom was joking when she said she was going to order a dress for her,” her brother, Angel Olavarria said. “[But] my mom never jokes about our pets."

On the big day, they said 12 people, close friends and family, showed up to celebrate with Luna.

“The party was hilarious to say the least,” Brigitte said. “Luna was such a good sport during the whole thing. I think she was happy to be surrounded by her family.”

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And although Luna is getting up there in years, she explained Luna very much still acts like a kitten.

“She’s a very happy and spoiled cat,” Brigitte said. “She bosses us all around and usually gets what she wants because she’s so stinkin’ cute.”

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