Honeymooning Couple Alerts United Staff to Problem With Plane, Says They Were Forced to Sleep on Terminal Floo

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After alerting their flight crew about a dangerous jet fuel leak on their plane, a newlywed couple was grounded as they headed to their honeymoon and say they were forced to sleep on the floor of a New Jersey airport terminal.

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Rachel Brumfield and her husband, Mike, were set for their Venice honeymoon a week ago when she says the flight attendants ignored him as he reported the possible emergency as they were sitting on the tarmac of Newark Airport in New Jersey.

She shot video on her cell phone that showed what appeared to be jet fuel spewing out of the plane's wing.

Ultimately, the crew realized how serious the situation was and thanked the honeymooners with free champagne. They even were invited to the cockpit, where they showed the pilots their video.

But when all the passengers were evacuated from the plane, the couple says United's gratitude came to an abrupt halt. 

Instead of being thanked for speaking out, the newlyweds say they had to sleep on the terminal floor as other passengers were handed hotel vouchers to stay overnight.

The couple says United Airlines, apparently concerned about the video of the leaking jet fuel, asked them to "go easy" on the airline on social media.

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United is still trying to recover from the April incident where a doctor was knocked out and dragged off a plane in Chicago prior to its trip to Louisville.

“While taxiing to the runway, United flight 170 returned to the gate due to a fuel leak, and was later canceled," United said in a statement. "We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience."

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