This 3-Year-Old Can't Get Enough of the Vegetable Aisle at the Supermarket

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This Pennsylvania mom doesn’t have to worry about her 3-year-old finishing his veggies.

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Mason Reese, 3, could be seen in video licensed by Caters News making a beeline to the produce section, pointing out all of his favorite vegetables and even naming them.

"We just walked into the store, and he saw the veggies and his eyes lit up," his mom Lianne Reese, 30, told "He said, ‘We’ve got to go over there.'"

That’s when he started listing his favorite foods — from apples to zucchinis.

“He’ll eat a lot of things that you wouldn’t expect a kid to like,” his mom explained. She said his latest phase has been broccoli, but his favorite vegetable to eat and to play with is Brussels sprouts on the stalk.

She added that Mason has been diagnosed with FPIES, a rare food allergy disorder, when he was 5 months old.

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Mason spent many of his earlier years eating mostly fruits and vegetables, and kept the healthy habit when he was declared FPIES-free last year.

"He likes sugar too, but we try to limit those things," Reese said.

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