Cops Rescue Bear Cub After It Got Stuck in Netting, Prompting Warning From Police

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A bear cub was rescued by New Jersey cops after it got itself stuck in netting.

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Ringwood police officers said they discovered the bear near a batting cage, trapped underneath the net.

In a video posted to social media, Detective Joe Longo could be seen trying to cut an incision in the back of the net so the cub could crawl out. 

When the distressed baby bear couldn't find its way out, Longo approached carefully on the other side to pull the netting away until the cub popped out on the other side, and ran off into the woods.

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"Animals, most commonly deer, become entangled in soccer nets and other types of recreational netting and sometimes die," cops said in an Instagram post.

"We urge residents in high animal traffic areas to take down nets when not in use."

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