10-Year-Old Boy Gets Stuck in Tree While Rescuing Cat, Then Has to be Rescued Himself

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A 10-year-old boy took matters into his own hands when he climbed up an 18-foot tree to rescue his beloved cat, but then got stuck himself as a result.

Aashir Alauddins woke up Friday morning and realized his 2-month-old kitten, Alley, was missing. He then went outside his New Jersey home and spotted her in a nearby tree.

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Despite pouring rain and the height of the tree, Aashir wasted no time climbing up to get her, first stepping on a high chair to get up into the tree.

“My foot almost slipped,” Aashir told WCBS, adding that he wasn’t nervous.

But once he reached the cat, Aashir realized the trip down to the ground wouldn’t be as easy as the way up.

"He got the cat and couldn't get down, so I was telling him, 'Put the cat inside your shirt and come down,' but he was like, his shoe was gonna slip, so I immediately called the fire department,” Aashir’s mom, Linnette Wheeler, told the station.

Aashir remained in the tree for 20 minutes while the Hackensack Fire Department prepared to get him down.

"Usually it's a cat up the tree," Deputy Chief John Ingallinera said. "This time it was a child chasing the cat up a tree? Very unusual. We rarely get a call like this."

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Thankfully, neither Aashir nor the cat was harmed.

"He rescued the cat, but someone had to rescue him,” Wheeler said.

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