Casey Anthony Jury Pool Tainted

There is chaos at the trial of Casey Anthony, the woman accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter  

50 potential jurors were dismissed after it was discovered that a woman picked for the jury pool had actually gotten into a shoving match with Casey's father George Anthony in 2008!

Patricia Young was at the center of a bitter street confrontation at the height of the massive search for Caylee Anthony.  

She was actually pushed off the family property and in video footage of the incident, she appears to slap George on the arm.

She also took part in the search for Caylee as a volunteer. She's the last person you'd expect to be in the jury pool.

To make matters worse, she allegedly tainted the other potential jurors by discussing the case with them.  

A frustrated Judge Belvin Perry said he had no choice but to dismiss the entire pool of 50 men and women.

"I really didn't have any doubts that I wouldn't be picked, I would have liked to because I believe she's guilty," said Patricia Young.

But Young said the snafu isn't her fault.

"I think it might have been two, three people that I talked to all day, and very little," she said.

And another potential juror suddenly found himself a defendant!

He was found in contempt of court for talking to a news reporter about getting out of jury duty and fined $450, but the judge did not send him to jail.

And there are signs of tension between Casey and her attorney, Jose Baez.

Courtroom microphones caught the two having a spat at the defense table:

Jose Baez: "You're acting like a two-year-old!"

It was an especially cutting remark because Casey's daughter Caylee was just two at the time of her death.
Jury consultant Susan Constantine says the defense is trying to pack the jury with men.

"I [would] want them stacked as heavy as I could with men, especially right around her age range. She's very attractive, she's flirtatious, she connects well with men. She doesn't connect so well with women as much as she does with men."

The judge told jurors he expects the trial to last until at least July.