Firefighters Pull Unconscious Dog From Burning Home, Revive It Using Pet Oxygen Mask

It was a close call for a small pup in California.

After escaping from the fire Wednesday, a Bakersfield family came to a horrible realization: Their dog, Jack, was still in the burning home.

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“The homeowners were outside the residence and stated that their dog was still inside,” the fire department's public information officer, John Frando, told

Frando was on the scene of the fire that started in the garage and recorded a video of the dog’s rescue after he was found unconscious behind a couch by Bakersfield Fire Department Engineer Matt Smith.

“We basically risk a life to save a life,” Frando said. “We’re definitely committed to saving life, whether [it's] people or pets.”

Once Smith found Jack, he carried the canine outside and used a Pet O2 mask, which are specialized for animals, to help him breathe. Jack eventually woke up on the front lawn.

All Bakersfield firetrucks have been equipped with the masks for about a year and a half, thanks to fundraising efforts by their local Girl Scouts chapter.

“This was probably our more significant use of the [Pet] O2 masks,” Frando said. “This was definitely something where we were able to witness the true effect of the mask.”

The video was shared on the Bakersfield Fire Department Facebook page, where Frando said people have been leaving incredible messages of support.

“We’re reading the comments on our Facebook page and it’s so uplifting.”

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The department brought Jack, who Frando said was in fair condition, to the local veterinarian for the family where he will be for up to two days for observation.  

"We brought Jack from being lifeless to being perky and very alert and he seemed to be happy to see his owners,” Frando said. “It was a feel-good moment.”

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