Family Throws Birthday Party for 1-Year-Old Rescue Calf Rejected by Its Mother

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A calf rejected by her mother at birth celebrated its first birthday with a party thrown by the Minnesota family that rescued her.

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Minnie Moo, a calf living at Sunnyside Stables in Rosemount, celebrated her first year of life with balloons, banners and a cake during an aptly themed Minnie Mouse birthday party.

Stable worker Ashley Moiser, who planned the event, said more than 100 people came out to celebrate with the calf.

"I realized she had a huge impact on everyone around us and not just us," Moiser told "Minnie Moo brings out the positive. Everyone who comes to see Minnie falls for her personality, falls for her fun."

Moiser, whose parents own the stables, explained that Minnie Moo was just an hour old when her original owners called their family to ask if they could take her in. The calf's mother, who had her prematurely, was used in rodeos, and rejected her right away.

They quickly picked her up, but Minnie Moo soon came down with a host of medical issues.

"She had pneumonia and other respiratory issues," Moiser said. "She did not have a good chance of living. We couldn’t get her standing. We couldn’t keep anything down her. She was very unhealthy, losing weight. She was 21 pounds when we picked her up, which is very little."

In addition to veterinary attention, Moiser's husband, Justin, ended up treating much of her ailments.

By 4 months old, Minnie Moo's health began to improve, and she was able to start bonding with Moiser's family.

"She’s very sweet and cuddly," Moiser explained, adding that she sometimes thinks Minnie Moo thinks of herself as one of the dogs.

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When her 6-month birthday came, Moiser said it dawned on her how special Minnie Moo was to her family and the community, which is why she decided to put together the celebration for her 1st birthday.

"We’ve rescued a lot of animals, anywhere from dogs, goats, horses, and now a cow," she said. "It’s been a really good experience for us."

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