Man Left Dangling From Bungee Jump for 40 Minutes After Ride Malfunctioned

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A man was left hanging upside down for 40 minutes following a mishap at a California fair this week..

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The bungee jump at the Ventura County Fair malfunctioned Wednesday, leaving 19-year-old Roger Rodriguez terrified as he dangled high above the event, by his feet.

Ride operators were unable to pull him back up to the cage and couldn't lower him to the ground.

"I was dizzy; my head was filled up with blood. My veins were popping out everywhere. I was scared I was going to start seeing blood come out of my nose and ears," he told Inside Edition. "I thought I was going to pass out. I thought I was going to wake up in the hospital with my mom crying next to me."

Rodriguez said he started to feel faint after hanging upside down for so long.

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Forty minutes after the malfunction, a rescue ladder finally reached Rodriguez, who was OK.

The ride refunded the 40 dollars he had paid before the dangling incident.

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