Party Pandas! Zoo Celebrates Twin Cubs' First Birthday

Playing Adorable Twin Pandas Celebrate First Birthday with Surprising Amount of Presents

Twin panda cubs Fu Feng and Fu Ban celebrated their first birthday over the weekend.

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The zoo where they live in Vienna, Austria, threw the siblings a party and showered them with gifts including boxes of their favorite foods – sweet potatoes and carrots.

The cubs' mom Yang Yang and Fu Ban, which is Chinese for "Lucky Companion," were more than happy to tuck into the snacks, while Fu Feng, which is Chinese for “Lucky Phoenix,” stayed in the cubs' enclosure.

Visitors packed around the pandas' home at Tiergarten Schoenbrunn to watch them enjoy their treats.

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The Tiergarten Schoenbrunn is the only zoo in Europe that has managed to breed pandas naturally.

When the twins were born they weighed just 100 grams but have grown tremendously over the year. Fu Feng now weighs more than 48 pounds while Fu Ban tips the scales at over 39 pounds.

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