Man Accused of Bludgeoning Mom, Sister and Sister's Friend to Death After Mom Kicked Him Out

A Long Island man has been charged after allegedly bludgeoning his mother, sister and his sister’s best friend to death in the home that he was kicked out of five months prior, reports said. 

Police said Bobby Vanderhall, 34, entered his mother’s Hempstead home through the basement door early Saturday morning and killed the woman, 58-year-old Lynn Vanderhall, as well as his sister Melissa Vanderhall, 29, and Janel Simpson, 29.

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Bobby Vanderhall allegedly hit all of them multiple times with a hammer he took from the family's garage, the same one he allegedly broke into the home with.

A fourth woman, who was in the home, was also allegedly struck by the suspect but she was able to escape, according to reports. 

A witness, Earl Sykes, 38, told the New York Daily News that he was driving home from the movies at about 1:20 a.m. when the surviving victim sprinted between cars, barefoot and screaming, and jumped on the hood of his vehicle.

“She was covered in blood,” said Sykes, who called 911. “She kept saying, ‘He’s trying to kill us! He’s trying to kill us!’"

Police then found the three other women dead inside of the home.

The fourth woman was later taken to the hospital and is in critical condition, reports said.

Police later found Vanderhall sleeping inside a parked car just two miles away from the home and arrested him.

Police said that Vanderhall’s mother threw him out of the home in March for physically assaulting her. He was then homeless, police said. 

“His behavior became more unruly, more violent. His mother had enough,” said Lt. Stephen Fitzpatrick of the Nassau County homicide squad. “He came to kill mom and the sister... because his mother had kicked him out."

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Vanderhall’s mother had an order of protection against her son, who was reportedly mentally troubled, police said. 

Vanderhall is charged with three counts of second degree murder and one count of attempted murder.

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