Photos Show Dad Walking Son to Kindergarten, Taking Him to College: 'Thank You, Dad'

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In the first photo, the boy barely reaches his dad’s elbow. In the second, the two are nearly the same height.

A Texas father and son are social media stars after the latter posted side-by-side photographs on Twitter – one shows his pop walking him to kindergarten. The other shows Charles Brockman II and Charles Brockman III walking into Mississippi State.

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“It was sad for me, just knowing that time had flown by so fast,” the 55-year-old father told Wednesday night.

“It’s just been a really fun experience,” his smiling son added.

The pair lugged the younger Brockman’s stuff into his freshman dorm last week.

The 17-year-old posted the now-viral images in a tweet that read: “From the first day of kindergarten to college move in. Thank you, dad.”

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So far, the post has received more than 250,000 likes.

“It’s just amazing,” the teen said. “I really loved seeing the nice comments. It made me feel really happy to see I could brighten somebody’s day with that tweet."

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