You've Been Trumped: 'Bachelor in Paradise' Fans Fuming as President's Speech Cuts Into Show

A large portion of Americans tuning in to Bachelor in Paradise Monday night missed the big rose ceremony after being preempted by President Trump.

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Trump used the prime time slot to discuss his plan for Afghanistan, much to the chagrin of the dating competition's fans.

“Unless Donald Trump is telling us who the next bachelor is, I don't care,” tweeted one fan of the show.

“Trump interrupts bachelor in paradise to make speech. Impeach,” was another tweet.

Host Chris Harrison had warned viewers that the East Coast broadcast would be interrupted, tweeting: “Sadly, the president's speech will eclipse Bachelor in Paradise tonight. But ABC will be showing it later for those that get Trump'd.”

Over on the West Coast, the show ran as scheduled, at 8 p.m.

On Tuesday night, DeMario Jackson returns to the show in tears to address the scandal that erupted after he was accused of taking advantage of castmate Corrine Olympios while she was drunk.

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The allegations were later proven false.

“I never once thought that I would be here today speaking to you guys in the middle of a crazy scandal,” he said in a promo clip.

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