Casey Anthony's Father Takes the Stand

There were fireworks at the Casey Anthony trial as her father locked horns with her defense attorney.

George Anthony was being questioned about the timeline of little Caylee's disappearance and was asked to fill out key dates on a giant calendar.

"You're trying to confuse me here. Yes, you are sir. You are badgering me. You are trying to get me upset sir," said Mr. Anthony.

"My life and my wife's life when this started for us—we're running on fumes, going day by day just trying to find my granddaughter. You are going off in a way to get me more upset and I don't think that's fair. I'm just asking you to treat me with a little bit of respect and you'll get respect back. That's all I'm asking," continued Mr. Anthony.

"Mr. Anthony, would you like to answer my question now?" said the defense attorney.

The tension between the two men was obvious and so was its cause. It was defense attorney José Baez who had publicly accused Casey's father of sexually abusing her, which he denies.

There was also an icy coldness between Casey and her father. As he left the witness stand he never once looked in her direction and she also ignored him.

Her ex-boyfriend, Ricardo Morales, revealed that the three of them—he, Casey, and little Caylee, actually shared a bed in his apartment.

"I slept on one side, Casey slept in the middle and Caylee on the other," said Morales.

He said he saw Casey on July 1st and nothing seemed wrong. It's now known Caylee was already dead.

"Did she tell you her daughter, Caylee, was missing?" asked the attorney.

"No," said Morales.

"Kidnapped?" asked the attorney.

"No," replied Morales.

Another boyfriend, Tony Lazzaro, was caught on camera arm in arm with Casey at a Blockbuster Video store the very day Caylee died, and again at a JCPenney store nine days later. He said Casey gave no indication that anything was wrong.

"Did she ever cry?" asked the attorney.

"No," said Lazarro.

"Did she ever act scared?" asked the attorney.

"No," replied Lazarro.

"Did she ever act nervous?"

"No," replied Lazarro.

"Did she tell you her daughter was missing?" asked the attorney.

"No," said Lazarro.