Clever Dog Spotted Leaving With a Bag of Food During Hurricane Harvey

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A dog named Otis has become an internet sensation after he was photographed carrying a bag of dog food during Hurricane Harvey.

Otis got loose during the storm and found the dog food at a lumberyard near his home.

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Otis' owner, Salvador Segovia, believes his dog knew where the food was located.

“I think Otis knew where that bag was,” Segovia told Inside Edition. “He picked it up and came home with it. It looked like he was evacuating himself and taking his provisions with him. I was so glad to see him come back home!”

Otis wasn't the only animal on the move during the hurricane.

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Cattle had to be herded out of town by cops and were taken to higher ground for safety.

In another incident, a hawk flew into a cab to escape the hurricane and refused to leave.

Cabbie William Bruso took the hawk, dubbed Harvey, to a wildlife rescue center, where an expert says he's doing fine.

“He's very feisty," he told Inside Edition. "He's been eating so he's in good shape right now."

One man even caught a fish in his living room after floodwaters rushed through his home.

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