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Playing Why Women Should Consider Adding the Neck To Skincare Routine

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A leading dermatologist has a message for women who want to ward off the signs of aging: Don't forget about your neck.

"Women come in all the time and ask me about tips and information for the face but the neck is an area that is often neglected and can give away your age even more," New York dermatologist Dr. Doris Day tells Inside Edition.

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First, she suggests massaging the skin.

"We've all heard about the benefits of massage for the body but facial exercise and massage can also be very beneficial, especially if you do it first thing in the morning," she said.

She indicated how to gently massage the skin in a circular motion.

"Even gentle massage can really help the face reduce puffiness and improve circulation to the skin," she explained.

Women should use the same skincare routine on the neck as they do on the face, Dr. Day said.

She likes to use the new Restore & Renew Face & Neck Multi Action Serum from No7, which she said delivers five clinically proven, age defying results based on a 12-month clinical trial conducted by No7.

On the face, 96 percent of women had visibly reduced wrinkles, 97 percent had noticeably firmer skin and 88 percent had a more even skin tone.

On the neck, 87 percent had visibly reduced crepiness and 92 percent had improved firmness, results showed.

"The serum has innovative ingredients which target skin fragility, a key concern as women age," she told Inside Edition.

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