Casey Anthony's Mother Cindy Sobs During Testimony

Casey Anthony's mother Cindy wept uncontrollably as she listened to the dramatic 911 call that first alerted police that granddaughter Caylee was missing.   

911 Operator: "911. What's your emergency?"

Cindy Anthony: "I found out that my granddaughter has been taken. She has been missing for a month. Her mother finally admitted she's been missing. We're talking about a 3-year-old little girl."

Cindy Anthony also said, "There's something wrong. I found my daughter's car today and it smells like there's been a dead body in the damn car."

Then Casey Anthony got on the line. She sounded shockingly calm.

Casey Anthony: "My daughter has been missing for the last 31 days."
911 Operator: "And you know who has her?"
Casey Anthony: "I know who has her."

She claimed a nanny had disappeared with Caylee, but it's now known there was no nanny.

As she listened, Cindy Anthony bowed her head, collapsing with emotion. She asked the judge for a break.

She was so distraught she had to be helped off the stand for the break. She met up with husband George Anthony at the back of the courtroom and he put his arm around her.

It was a grueling day of testimony. Cindy described finding little Caylee's belongings inside a family car that she says reeked of death.

"Caylee's baby doll, her favorite doll, her favorite doll was in the car seat like it was sitting where Caylee would have sat. Then I noticed Caylee's backpack was in the trunk of the car," Cindy testified.

She said she confronted Casey and finally called police after she couldn't get a straight answer about what had happened to the little girl.

"So I just told Casey that this was her last chance to tell me what was going on," Cindy said.

"That part of the evidence is so strong for the prosecution, the more you can focus on that period where she's just lying and lying and lying, the stronger the prosecution's case seems," legal analyst Dan Abrams said on Good Morning America.

And the trial is receiving so much interest there was a stampede to get one of a handful of seats for the public in the courtroom.

Dozens of people want to sit in on the trial that's turning into the most dramatic in recent memory.

If found guilty, Casey Anthony faces the death penalty.