As 'It' Scares Up Cash at Box Office, These Guys Are Dressing Up as Clowns to Frighten Moviegoers

Playing Clown Dressed as Pennywise Sits Alone in Movie Theater Before Showing of 'It'

The long-anticipated remake of Stephen King's It raked in $123.1 million at the box office this weekend despite efforts by some clown suit-clad patrons looking to freak out fellow moviegoers.

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In some theaters across the country, clowns began appearing inside screenings of the horror flick, causing unease in the audience.

At a movie theater in England, one patron walked into the theater to find someone dressed as Pennywise the Dancing Clown from It sitting in a seat by himself while holding a red balloon.

A movie theater in Texas even hosted an all-clown screening of the film for those who aren't so easily freaked out by those in clown makeup.

A movie theater in Idaho banned patrons from dressing up as circus performers before a screening Thursday, a day before It opened nationwide.

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Many other moviegoers have posted about clowns being inside the theater during their screenings.

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