Mom Drives Over Daughter Twice as She Walked to School: Police

An Ohio woman has been arrested for assault after she twice ran over her daughter, breaking her leg, police said.

Ebony Woody, 34, was charged with felonious assault, aggravated vehicular assault and child endangerment, according to the Columbus Police Department.

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Her 17-year-old daughter was hospitalized with two fractures in her left leg, authorities said.

The girl was walking to school when her mother’s car jumped the curb and ran her over, police said. The mom stopped, then put the vehicle into reverse and backed over the teen, according to authorities.

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The mother then took her daughter to a friend’s house and left her there without contacting police, authorities said. The girl called 911.

Woody said she was angry at her daughter for disobeying her order to stay home and not go to school, police said.

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