Tensions Increase Between U.S. Skiers Vonn and Mancuso

The frosty relationship between two of America's top skiers just got icier, leaving both stars in tears.

Golden girl Lindsey Vonn fell on the Giant Slalom course, breaking her finger. As Vonn lay in pain on the side of the slope, her teammate Julia Mancuso began the course.

Then she was told to stop her run so she didn't crash into Vonn.

"What rotten luck in an Olympic games," said a commentator.

Mancuso actually Tweeted to her fans live from the scene, "i was flagged in gs, that is bleep! Well now its time to use that anger and fight second run!!"

She returned to the top for another try but had to wait for 13 more skiers and faced deteriorating conditions. Although she's the defending gold medal winner in this event, she finished in 18th place.

"It's really a bummer when you come in to the race that you've been waiting for your whole career and it happens like that," Mancuso told a reporter.

Vonn said she felt awful about what happened: "I feel terrible; I hope she understands I definitely didn’t want that to happen for the both of us."

Vonn and Mancuso have been rivals since the age of 12. Sports Illustrated's web site quoted Mancuso complaining about Vonn's superstar status: "It's such a struggle for attention. You come to meetings after races and it's like it's a bad day if Lindsey didn't do well." Vonn said she was "bummed out" by the comments.