Gale-Force Winds Batter the Western U.S.

All over the western United States, historic, devastating winds are causing destruction.

In Utah, it's like being in the center of a tornado. The power of the winds even toppled a tractor-trailer.

Winds were clocked at an historic 140 miles an hour winds in some regions. Generators exploded and power was knocked out all over the west.  

Fighting fires became nearly impossible. Downed wires sparked fires at Occidental College in Los Angeles, and gale-force winds only fueled the flames.  

In one video on YouTube, a woman is toppled over in a parking lot as she tries to battle the winds.

And it's not just the United States dealing with these record-setting winds. A passenger plane in western Canada trying to land in 90 mile-an-hour winds came down almost sideways.

More high winds are predicted for the weekend.