Mythbusters Cannonball Misfire Tears Up Suburban Neighborhood

A cannon fired for the TV show Mythbusters caused havoc in a residential area near San Francisco.

The cannon fired on a military firing range was supposed to hit water barrels and cinder blocks. But the cannonball totally missed the target and flew hundreds of yards into a residential neighborhood.

It bounced in front of a house, went in through the front door, upstairs and out through the the rear wall. It continued across this street, ricocheted off the roof of another house, then smashed through the window of a mini-van.

Incredibly no-one was hurt.

Heeba Shetty showed INSIDE EDITION how the grapefruit sized cannonball pinballed around his home while five members of his family were inside.

"The only good thing is that nobody was hurt," said Shetty.

The Discovery Channel said in a statement: "A cannonball took an unforeseen bounce from a safety berm. We are working with those whose property was affected."

The statement said a munitions expert was present during the firing.

A sherriff's department spokesman called the incident, "Crazy, crazy, crazy crazy."