Occupy Wall Street Protester Gets Job on Wall Street

There are bold words from a woman who went from occupying Wall Street to occupying a desk on Wall Street!

"I'm not rich yet, but I plan to be," said Tracy Postert.

Just a few weeks ago, Postert was literally scrubbing the ground at the Occupy Wall Street camp in New York City.

But now she's on the ground floor of a career that could make her a millionaire. How did it happen?

Well, at some point Postert traded her "Never Vote Republican" sign for one that read: "Ph.D. Biomedical Scientist, Seeking Full-time Employment."

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked, "How did you wind up with this sign?"

Postert said, "People were yelling at me, 'Get a job!' So I said, 'Okay, I will.' "

She caught the attention of Wayne Kaufman, Chief Market Analyst for John Thomas Financial, a financial services company on Wall Street

"She had her sign and said, 'Ask me for my resume,' and I did. It was so impressive I sent her an email," said Kaufman.

Kaufman hired Postert as a research assistant.

"She's terrific. Fits in exactly the way I had hoped," said Kaufman.

Of course, Postert is catching heat from some of the 99 percenters, now that she's working for the one percent.

"I'm not a sellout. I'm just a lower-class person who worked very hard for a degree and experience, and now I have a job that I think in the future will pay very well," said Postert.